The Arbitrator soon will submit it report to the MTDC on Crowborough Hotel Dispute

 Crowborough Hotel Me Leassly Shylla.Shillong, July 10: The Arbitrator Retired Justice B.K Sharma of the Guwahati Court appointed by the Meghalaya Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) to settle the Crowbrough Hotel dispute with the leases Mr Lessly Shylla is likely to submit its report to the Board of Director on the 18th June 2017.

The Chairman of the MTDC Mr David Nongrum today told SP News Agency that the arbitrator has completed his hearing on the dispute between the MTDC and the lessee Mr Shylla for not making the Crowbrough Hotel at Police Bazar functional as agreement sign between the two parties.

The Chairman said that after getting the report from the arbitrator, then the meeting of the Board of Directors will be called to take the final decision, when they get the report and study the report then the will be able to say on what direction the MTDC will have to go about the agreement enter upon with Mr Shylla.

As per the agreement the lessee has to pay to the MTDC for Rs.99.89 core for a period of 33 years, out of which the lessee has paid nearly ten cores to the corporation without completing the project. The MTDC appoint the arbitrator to decide in whose favour in this controversy over the Crowbrough Hotel that becomes an eyesore in the public.

To mention hear that the M/s A C Builders has first taken the contract to build this hotels in 1986 but the construction company has to file with the case to resolved the dispute, but letter the matter was settle out of court where the state government has to pay to the company Rs.1.2 cores to settle the dispute.

Them after taking position the building the MTDC has awarded the contract work to M/s  Astra Construction but this also has to settle the dispute outside court settlement where the state government has to pay Rs.1.2 cores to the company to get back the property, after settling the dispute the MTDC sing the agreement with Mr Lessly Shylla which landed out in the hand of the arbitrator to settle the dispute.

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