The Army places Vijayanta Tank at Rilbong Crossing adjacent to Rhino Heritage Museum

Shillong, October 06: To commemorate the victory of Indian Army in Indo Pak war 1971 and to instill a sense of pride in citizens of the State, a war trophy (VIJAYANTA Tank) has been placed adjacent to Rhino Heritage Museum at Rilbong crossing on 04 Oct 2017.

VIJAYANTA” meaning “Victorious” was the first indigenously produced Tank based on the Vickers Mark -1 (British Tank). Its power pack and transmission was revolutionary in design and it had a very accurate and reliable 105mm Main Gun. In the Indian Armoured Corps circles, it was considered as “First Amongst Equals”. Introduced into service in 1966, it was phased out in 2004. The Tank proved its mettle during the 1971 Indo-Pak War in both the ‘Western and the Eastern Theatres of operation’.


The war trophy has moved over a distance of 3600 Kms from New Delhi to Shillong under the aegis of HQ 101 Area and is now standing majestically on the crossroads of Shillong as a tribute to the valour and spirit of Indian Army in protecting the sovereignty of the Nation.

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