The Bioresources Management and Ecosystem Services Discussion held in Delhi

New Delhi, September 04: A round table discussion on Bioresources Management and Ecosystem Services was held today in New Delhi, that was organised by Institute of Bioresources and Sustainable Development (IBSD), a National Institute of Department of Biotechnology, Government of India. Prof Dinabandhu Sahoo, Director IBSD, stressed on the importance of conservation and sustainable management of important natural resources like water, soil and forests, for the future of the people.

India, is highly rich in biodiversity, with the distinction of having two major biodiversity hotspots. However, these hotspots are facing severe deforestation and the ecosystems have reached a fragile state. Some of the major issues are habitat loss and resource mismanagement.

Mr Sahoo also said that an integrated economic valuation of the ecosystems would help both the people and policy makers and implementers appreciate better the natural capital for both conservation and management purposes.

Several experts  in natural resource management, geography, economics and from different research institutes and even UNESCO, deliberated on these issues and a practicable action plan is being developed, for implementation on a pilot basis , before it is rolled out on a larger scale.

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