The BJP assure of a free corruption government in Meghalaya: KJ Alphons

Shillong, September 29: The Union Minister of state independent incharge of Tourism Mr K J Alphons urged the people of Meghalaya to vote for the BJP in the coming general election to the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly due in early next year 2018. The BJP assured of a free corruption government in Meghalaya if come to power.

The agenda that the party will go to the people in the coming MLA Election in Meghalaya is “Development”. The Union Minister said that Meghalaya is the most beautiful place on earth, and tourism will transform the economy of the people of the state.

“ We want Modi dream to happen in Meghalaya, help us to make Meghalaya felt Modi dream” said the Mr KJ Alphons he also narrate what the Prime Minister  said, “I will not steal and I will not allowed to steal”.

The Prime Minister himself Mr. Narendra Modi personally taken great initiative and focusing for the development of the entire North Eastern State. If BJP voted to power, will create job opportunity for the youth of the state, the youth of this state are intelligent, what needed is to create opportunity for them.

On the demonetization, the BJP welcome criticism, but the fact is that, any radical reforms is bound to happen, but thus people who criticizes want to continued with their black money economy,  which the government will not allowed to happen.

The Union Minister also inform that after the demonetization there are thirteen lakh account in the bank is to be investigate that belong to three lakh companies, we cannot expect people to burn money. The Minister said that before the demonetization tax collection is below 15.5% but now the tax collection has increased and the economy is back on the right track.


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