The CEM of the GHADC should resign for non-payment the salary of the employees: Denang

Tura, November 6: The former CEM of the Garo Hills  Autonomous District Council (GHADC) Mr Denang T Sangma said that his Executive Committee was topple  on the issued for non-payment of the staff salary.

After the Executive Commttee led by the NPP resign the Congress Govt imposed administrator rule and when the administrator rule was lifted, the Congress supported Mr Boston Marak to become the Chief Executive Member (CEM) of the GHADC with the assurance to have better administration.

The former CEM, Mr Denang said that it was surprise, that when both in the Government and in the GHADC are rule by the Congress party but till date they could pay the salary of the employees. The present CEM should resign to own his moral responsibility; if he did not do so it proves that he is power hunger.

The NPP led EC was topple in March this year on the issue of Non-Payment of the staff salary as they were accused. The leader of the position recall that when the Congress led EC was form the CEM said that his top priority is to see that the salary of the staff should be paid but till date they have not paid.

The leader of the opposition said that during his time they have clear substantial amount of the salary of the staff and in the process of clearing the remaining dues the EC was topple by the Congress. The former CEM questioned as to why the state government is unable to bail out the GHADC from its current financial situation.

Mr Denang said that, today both the GHADC and the state government are being headed by the Congress. He see no reason why they cannot clear the salary of the employees of the GHADC.


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