The college students of NEIAH organized demonstration demining hostel facilities

Shillong, March 14: The Student of the North Eastern Institute of Ayurveda and Homeopathy, Shillong which is about 200 today call for the sit in demonstration in the college campus demanding for the authority to constructed hostel for the student who were perusing their studies in the college.

Speaking to SP News Agency, who were demonstrating for the last three days said that the authority while they were taking admission last year  they have assure that the hostel will be constructed with the campus, but till date not even one stone have been put to start constricting the hostel.

Others student express that, during their admission the authority said that the hostel fees will be four thousand per month but this fees was taken only for ten month and after ten month the hostel fees has been raised to six thousand this increased by two thousand has affected the students.

From the students they have approached the Director of the Institute Dr PK Goswami urging him to grant hostel subsidy but the authority did not accepted their demand. The student felt that this is the institute of the central government the government should provide subsidy for the hostel fees that they have paid to private hostel.

The students also express their sadness over the transport facility provided by the authority, they said that   for two hundreds student there are only two buses to ferry them from their place where they stay to the college campus.

The students put question to the authority of the college why they were not allowed to form student union with the college, if NEIGHRIMS students could form student union why not NEIAH students could form student Union since both are autonomous body funded by the central government.

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