The conglomeration of NGOs from Garo Hills Condemn the murder of JYF President

Shillong, March 23: The conglomeration of the NGO’s from garo Hills, the GSU, ADE, AYWO and FKJGP (Garo Hills Zone) like to extend their condolences to the family of the bereaved and demand that the culprits be brought to justice.

The MGO’s from Garo Hills said that Mr Poipynhun Majaw was our dear friend and respected colleague and part of the 14 NGOs who fought for the implementation of ILP. A charismatic and dedicated leader whose only fault was bravery, the pursuance of truth and enthusiasm as a social worker for the cause and welfare of the  people has been brought to a tragic end. One by one only the good die young.

The cowardly perpetrators who may probably have a hand in the misappropriation of public money in the JHADC could possibly be the murderers. The govt must initiate a high level enquiry to uncover the cowardly murderers.

The NGO’s base from Garo Hills, extend their  support to the JYF and our esteemed colleagues of the different civil societies and NGOs and stand corrected that we must fight together against such horrendous misadventures lest the killing of student and youth leaders become a trend in our state. The govt must ensure that the guilty be penalised and justice be served and not delayed.

They  condemn the murder of Late  Poipynhun Majaw and at the same time we are proud to have known him as an enthusiastic leader whose illustrious career have been cut short. We too feel the pangs of his demise and will deeply feel his absence. We wish him a safe and good journey. Once again we extend our condolences to the family of the bereaved.


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