The DECO asked the public to contact the EOC in case of any natural calamities

Shillong, Sept 09: The District Emergency Operations Centre (DEOC) has been made alert to receive information on any disaster-related matter. The contact numbers of the Emergency Operations Centre are 0364-2502094 and 0364-2225289 and email at

Further, for quick and effective response by the District Administration, the following officers are detailed for duty with immediate effect and they are to keep their mobile on ‘switch on’ mode to receive calls and alerts through SMS.

Zone I – Laitumkhrah Area,Shri Mark A. Challam, MCS, EAC – 96127-75699, Officer in-charge, Laitumkhrah – 2223069/94367-01482, Shri. D J Diengdoh, AEE, PWD Sub Divisional Store, Sub Division – 98630-62460

Zone II – Laban Area, Kum. H. M. L. Kynta, MCS, EAC – 87943-20344, Officer in-charge, Laban – 2223168/97740-73824, In-charge, Rilbong Beat House Shri. P Hujon, JE, O/o SDO, PWD, Shillong (B) Sub Division – 98634-21382

Zone III – Sadar Area, Shri Isaac K. Mark, MCS, EAC – 94363-63462, Officer in-charge Sadar Police Station (2224818) & In-charge, Pasteur Beat House (2591545/98630-65080) Shri. S Lytep, AEE, PWD, Shillong B Sub Division – 94361-63775

Zone IV – Lumdiengjri including Upper Shillong, Kum. B Ranee, MCS, EAC – 85750-93625, Officer in-charge, Lumdiengjri (2548151) & in-charge, Jhalupara (2547600/70056-41206) Shri. T. K. Shabong, JE, Shillong Central Division, Shillong (D) Sub Division – 87875-55311

Zone V – Rynjah & Mawpat Area, Smti. M. Kshir, MCS, EAC – 96152-85656, Officer in-charge, Rynjah (2230402) & in-charge Nongmynsong (2230224/ 98630-83719) Shri P Dhar, Executive Engineer, PWD, Electrical Division,Shillong – 94361-03665 Shri S. Marbaniang, JE, PWD, Sub-Divisional Store, Sub Division- 94021-90488

Zone VI – Madanrting Area, Shri S. Warjri, MCS, EAC – 88373-61144, Officer in-charge, Madanrting (2231408) & Nongthymmai Beat House (2537587/98630-66751) Shri. B Khongsit, JE PWD, Store Sub-Division – 96120-89202

Zone VII – Mawlai Area,Shri P T Passah, MCS, BDO (Mawlai/Mawpat) -94021-35152, Officer in-charge, Mawlai (2575505/76408-74387) Shri. A Pala, JE, PWD Shillong B Sub Division-70050-27894

For any matter related with Forest Department, the DFO Territorial can be contacted at 88374-96298. Information can also be sent to the Superintendent of Police at 0364-2215427/2222215. All BDOs are to be alert and to respond immediately to any disaster related incident within their jurisdiction.


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