The Dept of Biomedical Engineering, NEHU, Shillong organized a week long SERB

Shillong, Sept 23: The Department of Biomedical Engineering, NEHU, Shillong organized a week long Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), Department of Science and Technology (DST), Delhi sponsored KARYASHALA.

The event was organized in collaboration with Society for Neurochemistry India (SNCI) Satellite meeting from 19th to 24th September, 2022. The theme of the event was “Scientific intervention tools to improve Cognitive behavior in children with neurodevelopmental disorders in India”.

The aim of the Workshop was to provide participants with extensive knowledge to understand the available scientific interventional tools and devices related to cognitive impairment in children with neuro-developmental disorders and improvement in their functional outcome and quality of life.

This would allow them to understand how diseased brain condition could be improved and made to function similar to the normal human brain. This is one of the major facets of the neuroscience research which encompasses most of these disorders and it is one of the biggest challenges for survivors.

Cognition could be defined as a mental process for acquiring knowledge and understanding the thoughts, experiences and sensory process. The cognition process encompasses domains such as attention, knowledge, working memory, judgment and logical reasoning.

These disorders could be accompanied by other disorders such as epilepsy, speech deficits, hearing, vision and intellectual disability. The key features of the Workshop laid emphasis on open scientific discussion with experts, a hands on laboratory training experience and presentation of the participants through symposia and group meetings and interaction with experts from Industry.

By organizing and creating new technical know-how through these events would provide new research dimension leading to improvement in their lifestyle and reduction of stigmatization of such population with their integration with the society.

 More than 50 participants with varied background from all parts of the countryand abroad participated in the event either in physical or online mode which was graced by speakers of repute from academia, industry and research institutes from both India and abroad.

The workshop was inaugurated by the Vice Chancellor, NEHU Prof. P.S. Shukla, Prof. M.K. Thakur, President, SNCI, Prof. Prakash Babu, Secretary General, SNCI from University of Hyderabad, Dr.Rajpal Singh Kashyap, Director Research, CIIMS, Nagpur, Prof. L. J. Singh, Dean, SoT, NEHU, Shillong.

In his opening remarks the coordinator of the event Dr. Dinesh Bhatia apprised participants about the aim and purpose of organizing the program and how it would benefit the society with integration of experts and participants from all over the country. Prof.  M.K. Thakur stressed on the need for advancing scientific research and overcoming challenges in the field of cognitive neurosciences.

He congratulated the organizers for successful organization of the event in blended mode. Prof. P.S. Shukla, Vice Chancellor enumerated the importance of holding such meetings on regular basis and thanked all officials and staff involved directly or indirectly with the organization of the event.

Prof. Prakash Babu, University of Hyderabad stressed on the activities of the SNCI since the early 1970s and how it has evolved to develop scientific temper in the field of neuroscience in the country and its role in grooming the budding scientists and researchers from all parts of the country over the years since its inception.

Dr.Rajpal Singh Kashyap emphasised on the role of translational research and need to integrate with the societal problems to find feasible solution. Prof. L.J. Singh, provided an outlay about the School of Technology and the University and how such meetings could be organized regularly so that new knowledge could emerge and disseminate to the society. The vote of thanks was given by Dr.PunitGautam who thanked all those involved in organizing the event including the press and media.

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