The FMPC recommended pay level system and do away with the basic pay structure

REPORT OF THE FIFTH MEGHALAYA PAY COMMISSION-176Shillong, August 03: The Report of the Fifth Meghalaya Pay Commission has 287 pages, personnel who had been appointed by State Government to assist the Commission also joined their duties with the commission are 21 person excluding the members of the Commission.

The Fifth Meghalaya Pay Commission which submitted its recommendation to the Chief Minister on Wednesday has done away with the basic pay structure what has done in earlier pay commission. The FMPC in their recommendation has recommended with the new system know as Pay Level and this in this new system there are 22 pay level.

The net financial burden of the commission’s recommended on revised  pay and allowances, total recommended  Rs. 3,388 cores, recommended allowances is Rs.620 cores total its come to Rs.4008.58 cores. Therefore   the resultant approximate financial additional burden on the State Exchequer for Pay and Allowances as a percentage would be 25.8% or Rs.1027.17 crores per year or Rs. 85.60 crores per month.

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