The former UDP president Youth Wing Mr Hamlet joint PDF at the public meeting at Umlynga

Shillong, September 08: The former president of the UDP, Youth Wing Mr Hamlet Dohling today joint the new party the People Democratic Front (PDF) at the public meeting along with his supporter that was held at the Community Hall Umlyngka.

Mr Dohling resign from the UDP in protest against the seat adjustment from Mylliem Constituency where the UDP has decided to support the alliance candidate of the HSPDP Smti Teliania Thangkhiew from the Constituency.

The Former general secretary of the KSU, who joint politic, was the president of the Youth Wing in the UDP party, who aspired to contest the upcoming MLA Election to the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly from Mylliem Constituency.

Today in the public meeting held at Umlyngka Mr Hamlet formerly Joint with the PDF and he will be contesting this Coming MLA Election in the state Legislative from the new party from Mylliem Constituency.

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