The GHSMC submit memorandum to the PMO demanding for Separate Garoland

Shillong, August 05: The Garo Hills State Movement Committee today submit memorandum to the Prime Minister of India Mr Narendra Modi. In the memorandum they have mention that the demand for separate Garoland is date back to pre-Independence under the leadership of late Mr Sonaram R Sangma.

The Garo demanded for the separate Garoland after seeing that infliction by others castes. The GHSMC and others organisation under various name, continuously demanding for their own state by Re-demarcation   the present Garo Hills District on the linguistic bases has been spearheaded by the Garo National Council in 22th June 1947, and the Garo Student Union and have submitted the Memorandum to the prime minister of India in 1999.

The ANVC submitted the memorandum to the Prime Minister on the same demand on 2006. The political parties, the HSPDP and the GNC on 20th August 2011. And recently the GHADC passes a resolution for creation of separate Garo state. But till date the PMO office has no responded to the demand of the Garo People Till date.

Since Meghalaya come into existence in 1972, the state it has been inhabited by three tribes, the KHasi Jaintia and the Garo, thought we have lived peacefully but the culture, custom and languages and land holding system in these three tribes are different. In the memorandum they have mention that the Garos have distinct languages and culture.

In the memorandum have mention that the constitution does not lay down any criteria for creation of separate state. The Garos unanimously demanded for the separate Garoland this demand is the voice of all the Garo people.

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