The Govt will issue notification on Monday on the Meghalaya Safety and Security Rules, 2017

Shillong, August 11: The cabinet today has approved the draft Meghalaya Safety and Security Ruls, 2017, and the official notification will be issue on coming Monday said the Chief Minister Dr Mukul Sangma after the cabinet meeting held today.

Addressing media person after the cabinet meeting, the Chief Minister Dr Mukul said that the cabinet today has approved the Draft Meghalaya Safety and security rules, 2017, with slight fine-tuning and amendment on the draft rules.

Dr Mukul said that “We are happy to see that this rules has come out after long exercise, we are confident that with the implementation of the act and rules, will be able to tackle influx in the state”. With the implementation of this rules will have huge challenges in involving the state holders.

Let this Meghalaya Safety and Security Act, 2016 and the Meghalaya Safety and Security Rules, 2017 be implemented and after implementation if more modification is needed it will be done so in the day to come. The Chief Minister is hopeful that others North Eastern State will follow take the example from the state.

In tackling immigration, the Chief Minister said that even most developed countries like the United State of America, The United Kingdom, with all their stringent rules they have fail to do so. The Chief Minister is hope full that this rules will be the best in tackling immigration to the state. The Chief Minister said let us make the beginning after implementation will see into it.

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