The GSU and AAYF detain police vehicles for transporting illegal timber at Dainadubi

police vehiclesShillong, October 02: The GSU and the AAYF today detain on police vehicles at Sarangma Bridge at Dainadubi for transporting illegal timber. This truck belong to the Meghalaya police 5th Battalion of Samgong of  Williamnagar East Garo Hills District.

The two organizations have file an FIR with the Dainadubi police station. The GSU and the AAYF alleged that this timber are cut from Rongjeng reserved forest. The organization demand that the government should make resolute law to protect tress. The Chief Minister should not only distribute trees but also protect tress.

The NGOs caught the police vehicles at 5.30 AM in the morning today the vehicles has the registration number ML02-3011, this vehicles left williamnagar for Shillong to fetch ration from Shillong but when the NGOs saw that this truck caring timbers they detain it at Sarangma bridge near Danaidubi.

Timbers smugglers are hiring this police vehicles of Rs.10000/- said that NGOs. The NGOs alleged that smuggles of timbers in Garo Hills are taken place from everywhere; recently the Mother Union caught one truck for caring illegal timber.


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