The GSU and other likeminded organisations of Garo endorse what NESO has taken decision

Shillong, Jan 06: The GSU and other likeminded organisations of Garo Hills will make sure that they endorse what NESO has taken the decision the GSU will be fully adopted and implemented. The North East must stop being a dumping ground for illegal immigrants.

The GSU vehemently opposes the the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 and is apprehensive about what will happen to Garo Hills if the bill is passed.Notification has been issued by GOI under the Passport(entry into India)  Act for prolonging the stay of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh,  Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Another notification has also been issued which orders that no illegal immigrants who have entered India on or before Dec 31st 2014 can be identified as illegal immigrants, the Garo Hills have already been invaded silently by illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

The question  now will be will Garo Hills be drowned in a quagmire of illegal Bangladeshis if the CAB 2016 is passed in the Lok Sabha. As a part of NESO and North East GSU will support NESO decision.



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