The idea of having this “Heritage Walk” is that there is heritage in Shillong: Conrad

Shillong, Jan 24: Part of a weeklong of the 48th Meghalaya Day Celebration Meghalaya Chief Minister Mr Conrad K Sangma today has inaugurated the “Heritage Walk” from Ward Lake which was organised by the Meghalaya Tourism department.

The Chief Minister appreciated the Meghalaya Tourism department that have  decided to heave this “Heritage Walk” the whole idea of having this is that there is heritage in Shillong. There are many places in the city that tourist wants to see, but some haw this was not package in right manner.

The idea of having this heritage walk is to package this entire thing and connect this entire different dot which already exists that people see right now and make it to something better. So the idea again is to tell the story about what is happening Wards Lake, the history about others heritage site that are there.

“So it realty tyring to see the different value that are there and great thing that we have over hear and if we can package it and come out with good story that is the idea behind the Heritage Walk and this will create opportunities for young star to become tour guide and we need lot of people”, Said Mr Conrad.

“Similarly what we have done with this, will come out more stories about different areas of Meghalaya, this is the beginning and will take this forward”, this will not be only from the forest department but also overall the lake can revived is once again where different plant and tress thus also need to be exhibited.

On the cannel bring water all the way from Dhankheti to Ward Lake in thus days the Chief Minister said that will look into all thus possibilities reviving all thus aspect on Wards Lake where ever possible.


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