The IT Department Govt of Meghalaya issued guideline for operations of Cyber Cafe 

Shillong, August Whereas, the Government of Meghalaya vide Political Department order No.POL.75/2020/ Pt1 /58 dated 14th August 2020 has allowed Cyber Cafes to function w.e.f 20/08/2020 subject to SOP to be issued by the Information Technology and Communication Department.

Now, therefore, the following SOP is prescribed for the functioning of Cyber Cafes in the State. All Cyber Cafes registered with the Deputy Commissioners of respective Districts shall operate only on the days and time as allowed by the respective Deputy Commissioners.

The owner or operator of the Cyber Cafe shall keep the respective Rangbah Shnong, Doloi, the Nokma informed regarding the opening of the Cyber cafe and the respective timings.

The operator of the Cyber Cafe shall ensure that social distancing of at least 6 feet is maintained at all times and that there is no crowding inside the Cyber Cafe. Based on the space inside the Cyber Cafe, the respective owner/operator shall limit the number of persons entering the Cyber Cafe at a time.

No citizen shall be allowed inside the Cyber Cafe without wearing mask, which should properly cover the nose and mouth. A hand-sanitizer should be placed at the entrance of the Cyber Cafe, so that any person who enters the Cyber Cafe sanitizes his/her hand.

The Cyber Cafe premises, including the items viz. desktop, keyboard and  mouse, table, chair, door, windows, curtains, etc. should be sanitized at least thrice a day.

The cash transactions, if any, at the Cyber Cafe, should not be done with bare hands. Gloves should be used for transacting cash. Provision for hand washing with soap at the Cyber Cafe premises should be made available. The owner or operator and his/her staff shall mandatorily wear masks and gloves at all times.

The owner or operator at the Cyber Cafe shall ensure that the provisions outlined in this SOP are strictly adhered to failing which action shall be taken against the concerned Cyber Cafe, said Mr.  M. R. Synrem, IAS Commissioner & Secretary to the Govt. of MeghalayaInformation Technology & Communications Department



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