The ITC introduces Nimyle in North East Market for house cleaning in Shillong today

ShillNimylyong, Octo 10: Dr Ramasamy Annadurai principal scientist at the ITC Life Sciences and Technology centre today introduces Nimyle liquid in the Meghalaya market that will be used for floor cleaning in the house.

Speaking to media at Polo Towers Hotel in Shillong today Dr Ramasamy claim that this Nimyle was produce from Neem leave that could kills germs when it is used in floor cleaning. Floors are visible part of the house, get dirty, attract germs which every one like to keep it clean.

Dr Ramasamy who has devoted his work on Neem said that Neem has been an integral part of India health and hygiene system for centuries. This product that was launched today in Shillong  for the North East region.

The Nimyle products is available in the market like 450 ML, 1 litter, 2 litters and 5 litters. And the price is printed in the level of each bottle, said Dr  Dr Ramasamy.

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