The Joint Training Node of the Army will project Meghalaya-Assam on the World map

Umroi cantonmentShillong, November 04: Nestled amongst the Tranquil foot hills of Meghalaya at Umroi Cantonment Indian Army is inaugurating a top of the class Joint Training Warfare Centre for conducting Joint Exercises with Foreign Armies.

The concept was envisaged keeping in mind the conducive weather terrain  offering optimal training environment and has been developed at par with training centres of Leading Armies of the world.

The Joint Training Node comprises best in class training facilities to including upcoming obstacle training course, Jungle lane shooting range and world class infrastructure comprising fully computerized and  network enabled Computer Warfare Centre and  Top of Line accommodation facilities for Foreign Armies.

The project was envisaged in Umroi keeping its proximity to Guwahati and  Umroi Airport and  was completed in Record time of 1 year from scratch to being made operationally compliant for hosting “Exercise Milap” a multi nation joint training exercise with the Bangladesh Army by Red Horn Division under the aegis of the Gajraj Corps.

The Indian Army has other joint training centres in Belgaum, Varangte and  Bakloh but Umroi is Eastern Command’s first of its kind independent and fully integrated Joint Training Node for Foreign Armies. The Joint Training Node is ready to host the Bangladesh Army for the 1stever Joint Exercise and Exercises with Myanmar & Chinese Armies planned in later part of next year.

All infrastructure is eco friendly and confirms to the highest standards maintaining the fragile ecosystem of Umroi Cantonment. This Joint Training Node will pave away for projecting the States of Meghalaya and Assam on the World map of Foreign Armies andadds an another feather in the cap of the Indian Army.




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