The Labour Commissioner instructed the MeECL to familiarise themselves with the SC Order

Shillong, November 03: After the illegal breakdown of talks between the MeECL Management and the representatives of MeECL Progressive Workers Union (MPWU) on 1st November due to the ignorance of the trade Union Law on the part of MeECL, today the official meeting called by Mr. B mawlong, Labour Commissioner, Govt. of Meghalaya.

Where representatives of the MeECL Management and the representatives of MeECL Progressive Workers Union, including Mr. Mantiphrang Lyngdoh President, Smti. Anjelina Hynniewta General Secretary, Smti. Angela Rangad Executive Committee member, Mr. Jethaniel Marak Vice President attended was fruitful.

At the meeting there was a preliminary discussion on the Charter of Demands submitted by the Union. MeECL management said that the flawed contract agreement as demanded by the Union has been withdrawn. But the Union insisted that an official written notification in this regard is essential to avoid arbritrariness.

From the MeECL Management also said that the payment of latest Minimum Wage rate shall start soon and the arrears due to the workers shall also be released. Management promised that all the statutory benefits like PF, ESI, Leave, Overtime etc. would feature in any new work agreement .The Union insisted that all assurances have to be met within a specific timeframe

The Labour Commissioner also instructed the Management representatives to familiarise themselves with the Supreme Court Order of 26th October 2016 about Equal Pay for Equal Work in order to figure the modalities of its implementation.

The union has demanded immediate implementation of equal pay for equal work while they await fulfilment of their demand for regularisation. MeECL Progressive Workers Union (MPWU) expresses its appreciation for the active intervention of the Labour Department in this Labour Dispute in MeECL


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