The Meghalaya Football Association invites AFC D Licence coaches

Shillong, August 09: The Meghalaya Football Association invites AFC D Licence coaches, Grassroots Leaders Course graduates and retired footballers to apply to work on matchdays of the second edition of the ongoing Meghalaya Baby League at the Shillong, Smit and Mawngap centres.

This is an opportunity to be part of the biggest Baby League in India as well as being instrumental in the development of football at the grassroots in the state.

There are openings for 8 D Licence coaches (4 in Shillong, 2 in Smit and 2 in Mawngap) and 24 Grassroots Leaders (12 in Shillong, 6 in Smit and 6 in Mawngap). Former players are also encouraged to apply.

Those interested in applying should submit their details at the office of the MFA in the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Shillong, or via email at meghalaya.fa@gmail.comby Saturday, August 10.  The MFA will announce similar openings for the other centres in the state in the near future.



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