The MGSPHSVA are readey to work with the Govt on the issue of hawkers

Shillong, Jan 19: Members of the Meghalaya and Greater Shillong Progressive Hawkers and Street Vendors Association (MGSPHSVA) met with the Chief Secretary of Government of Meghalaya, Shri M.S.Rao.

In the meeting they have submitted a petition on various issues of the hawkers and street vendors including stressing on the implementation of the central law on hawking and street vending in the state rather than the state law which the association feels is inadequate in dealing with the issues.

The association also expressed its willingness to work with the concerned authorities in finding a solution to the issues of congestion, cleanliness and protection of hawkers and street vendors, as it has been doing numerous times but also expresses its disappointment with the authorities in not taking the association into confidence and backtracking on certain agreements.

The association also strongly takes exception to the notification of the Municipal Town Vending Committee (TVC), dated 15th January 2020, which notified 12 areas within Municipal jurisdiction as “Vending Zones” for “registered” hawkers and street vendors. The association contends that the status-quo should be maintained until a final solution to the matter is resolved.

The association firmly believes and acknowledges that various problems in the urban areas of Meghalaya exist like congestion, unemployment and exploitation, and would like the general public at large to understand that these issues cannot be solved unless there is a proper participatory and democratic process is undertaken by all.

The authorities, the hawkers and street vendors, as well as the general public. This was stated by Smti Shane Thabah General Secretary Meghalaya and Greater Shillong Progressive Hawkers and Street Vendors Association.

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