The MLCU celebrate the various talents that the students and faculty of the University

Shillong December 09: The last month of the year also marks the end of the Autumn Semester for the students and faculty of Martin Luther Christian University, and as MLCU tradition goes it is also the time to come together, enjoy and celebrate the various talents that the students and faculty of the University especially that of the Department of Fine Arts has to offer.

The Department of Fine Arts, Martin Luther Christian University in collaboration with the NSS MLCU Unit, on Friday December 8, 2017 organised an Art Fest at Dorbar Hall, Mission Compound. The Art Fest is a platform for students to showcase their musical talent by performing for the public. However, the Department also organised an awareness programme for the children and youths of the community which was conducted during the first half of the event, followed by a workshop on the music  and musical instruments of Meghalaya followed by Teaching Learning/ hands-on experience in Traditional dress up.

The Musical performance was filled with performances of covers of traditional North Eastern music, Western Music, South Indian music among others and also a few original pieces composed and written by the students of Fine Arts were performed. One of the main objective of this performance is to develop professionalism in the field of music by providing a platform for students to showcase their skills and talents with a view to promote the Traditional Music of Meghalaya and the whole of North East India.






















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