The MLCU organized street play to raises voice against Eve-Teasing

Shillong March 7: With increased awareness and concern over the various social evils in our society, the youth are taking responsibilities in playing their part to help the society and their fellow peers to bring about a positive change especially in regards to women’s rights.

In keeping with this movement, the students of the Department of Social Work, Martin Luther Christian University today held an awareness programme on Eve-Teasing and Measures to curb this social crime in our society. The awareness programme was done in the form of a short role play performed by the students in the University and was attended by faculty and staff of the other departments.

After the role play, the students also highlighted the fact that Eve-teasing is a crime that is punishable by law and that girls and women of different age groups experience eve-teasing on a regular basis in their educational institutions, workplace, and other public places. It was also encouraged that any case of eve-teasing experienced by anyone even witnessed by others should be immediately reported to the nearest police station so that action can be taken against the culprit.

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