The NEHUTA demands to the President of India to not extend the term of the VC of NEHU

Shillong, Sept 15: The President of the NEHUTA once again alleged that the outgoing Vice-Chancellor Prof. S.K.Srivastva is misleading by a poor attempt to justify withholding of NEHUTA grants on false excuses.

The NEHUTA’s call for boycott of Convocation arose from VC’s noncompliance with statute pertaining to holding of Convocation in the year 2018. The NEHUTA implored upon him to convene University court before the Convocation is held, as convening Court meeting before the convocation is mandatory.

Still VC held the convocation without the Court meeting. So why the VC is raking this sheer infirmity committed by him after nearly three years again? The sole intent behind such diversionary tactic is to cover up his unstatutory act of withholding NEHUTA grant.

President of the NEHUTA said that his askance for the list of attendees in NEHUTA meeting is utterly devious and it smacks of vindictiveness and he failed to answer why he needs the list of attendees. As per NEHUTA’s constitution, it is the General Body of NEHUTA that decided to call for boycott of the unstatutory Convocation.

The VC, out of frustration and desperation of bringing down the rank of the University along with his all round failure to run the University in his tenure is resorting to cheap tactics allege Prof Mao.

Raking up some old issues in the name of honourable Visitor, recently he issued a stricture to an ex member of NEHU Executive Council. Only when national statutory commissions intervened he withdrew it. In the same way, he is holding back gratuity of retired Professors out of vindictiveness, which has invited due legal process on him.

Once again, the NEHUTA is compelled to say that by misrepresenting NEHU statute 44, he is attempting to gag NEHUTA so that his misdeeds are not exposed. By attempting to make use of statute 44 for what it is not meant for, the VC is only damaging the University, which just adds to the litany of his damaging and disparaging acts.

The President of the NEHUTA claim that because NEHUTA has exposed his violations of Acts, statutes, ordinances, rules and regulations of the University, so he intended to stop NEHUTA from pointing it out to various Authorities by evil means like withholding its statutory grant and by personally targeting teacher members of the Association.

Before his term comes to an end, he and his spin doctors are fanning such convenient lies, which are completely nonstatutory and baseless. NEHUTA have strongly requested the VC to donate earmarked funds for the years 2018-19 and 2019-20 of the NEHUTA to the PM care fund and also to Chief Minister of Meghalaya relief fund to fight Covid.

By showing utter lack of sensitivity, he even ignored this humanitarian call and thereby displaying arrogance of power before the society. The NEHUTA once again demands to the President of India to not extend a totally failed Vice Chancellor beyond his term that ends on 23rd September, 2020.

The NEHUTA also appeals to all concerned to launch an investigation into all the financial, administrative and academic infirmities committed by Prof.S.K.Srivastva.

It is  disgrace that a premier university like NEHU still has to bear with all the omissions and commissions of the incumbent VC. It is also to be noted that the NEHU did not have a Chancellor for last five years solely because of VC’s faults by not informing the Centre. Said Prof X.P Mao President and Dr marbhador M Khyndeit General secretary in the press statement issued today.

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