The president of STIEH Smti Deiwi  thank the police for registering a case for hate speech

Shillong, Sept 18: The President of the organsiation STIEH Smti Deiwi Tongper  wishes to acknowledge and thank the Sadar Police Station, Shillong especially Lumshnong Police Station  and the Office of Superintendent of Police East Jaiñtia Hills Khliehriat for registering a Case against one Megha Purkayastha based on the FIR that we have filed against her on 16th August 2021 for her Hate Speech and Terror Allegations against the people of Northeast especially the Tribals people of Meghalaya in her instagram post.

The case has been registered in Lumshnong PS, East Jaiñtia Hills. We would like to stress and condemn that the social media post made by her through instagram is a very dangerous allegations against the people of the State of Meghalaya and which threatens to endanger the lives of our tribal people who are outside the State for works or studies.

While we appreciated the efforts of the Lumshnong PS in registering the case we urge and request them to take “suo moto cognizance” of the case and to take strong actions against the said person under necessary sections of the Laws to set an example and to ensure that such culpable, baseless and irresponsible social media post are not made any further by anyone.

The Organsation STIEH  demand that the said person should be booked under various sections of the laws for promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language.State Police of other states of Northeastern States have been very proactive and swift in making arrests against the perpetrators of Racism against our fellow NE states.

Last year the Nagaland Police arrested animal rights activist Hema Choudhary from her residence in Andheri (West) for allegedly making objectionable remarks against people of Nagaland in a video in Social media.

This year the Arunachal Pradesh Police went to Punjab and arrested YouTuber Paras Singh after a case was registered against him for allegedly making a racial slur against Arunachal Pradesh MLA Ninong Ering. He was charged with inciting ill will and hatred towards the people of Northeastern States.

The organsation would like to reiterate that if the Police Department of these states could very easily go and arrest these accused persons then it will not be difficult for our state police to the same against the accused Megha Purkayastha.

STIEH also hopes and prays that this case which has been registered does not drag on  and become a cold case like the Vicky Dey case of which the organization found it bemusing and cannot understand as to why  the State Police has not been able to arrest Vicky Dey.

What is even more baffling is the fact that in today’s modern age where online tracking of a person is not difficult at all with the help of IP Address tracking. We have seen that the State Police also have a Cyber Cell and as such online tracking and tracing of a person should not be a problem at all.

Hence there should be concerted and sincere to arrest both the accused since both are involved in making questionable and baseless charges against the State and the people of Meghalaya.

The president of the STIEH Smti Deiwi  request the Meghalaya Police through Lumshnong PS to take the case seriously and initiate necessary action against the accused to gain the Trust and Hope that we the people have upon the Police Department and to further build and strengthen the relation with the public.

The Organsation  urge the people in general that such baseless, unnecessary and false allegations against the Northeast states, Meghalaya in particular should be avoided in the interest of National Peace and Harmony, said Smti Deiwi Tongper President STIEH in the press statement.

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