The PWD Minister asked driver not to drive recklessly to forget the speed limit

Shillong, March 20: The PWD Minister on his reply to the call attention motion of the MLA from Nongstoin Diostarness Jyndiang related to the death of twenty people on the road near Nongspung, the PWD minister said that this area the sharp curve where an accident occurred the speed limit in this particular area should be only 20km per hours this was prescribe as per Indian Road Council (IRC).

While driving on this type of Road driver should be cautious, and from the government also has taken precautions measure and soon ruble strip will be kept in the area so that driver will understand while drive on this particular road.

Drivers who were driving the cars they should not also drive recklessly since the road is good, they should also see the speed limit while driving the vehicles on the road, for the suggestion of the new alignment the minister said it won’t be possible for a time being may be in future.

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