The Sixth Schedule has nothing to do with protecting our indigenous rights:John

Shillong, September 05: In view of the ongoing discussions under the umbrella of the Meghalaya Indigenous Tribal Constitutional Rights Movement (MITCRM), regarding the proposed Amendments to the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution of India, in addition to our earlier suggestions, we have on 3rd September 2017, submitted additional important views to  Mr. W Anthony, Convener, MITCRM, and other Members (SKNSBH, KSU, FKJGP, HNYF, SOMALA, GSU, AJYWO, JYF, FKS, GCCM, and others) for their indept consideration as to the seriousness of the issues involving the Constitution of India vis-a-vis the Federation of Khasi States and its member units.

The most important issues that need to be addressed is the incorporation of the treaty agreement the IOA & AA within the Constitution of India so as to enable the Constitution to define the Traditional Institutions such as the Dorbar Kur, Dorbar Shnong, Dorbar Raid and Dorbar Hima.

The Sixth Schedule, is a constitutional mechanism under the State Government and Government of India (through the Governor) and have nothing to do with the IOA & AA treaty terms of the Khasi States which are yet to be fulfilled and implemented by the Government of India, as stated in our brief to the SKNSBH and NGOs the elected representatives of the District Council represent their respective political parties registered under the Government of India and do not represent the Khasi States (Hima), who are the stakeholders and signatories of the treaty.

Further, it is again reiterated that the recent views of the MHA vide their letter of January 2016, clearly confirms that the Sixth Schedule has nothing to do with protecting our indigenous rights over land, forest, water, minerals, boundary, judiciary and hence the need for the people to discuss this very important development, given that further dilution of the Sixth Schedule is expected which would threaten our very existence as a Khasi Jaintia and Garo People.Inclusion of the IOA & AA under Article 370A similar to J&K (Article 370)  will rightfully restore and protect our indigenous rights within the Constitution of India.

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