The SNSBH thank the ministry GOI to the letter sent to Principal Secretary Governor of Meghalaya

Shillong, October 12: The Synjuk Ki Nongsynshar Shnong ka Bri Hynniewtrep,(SNSBH)  express sincere appreciation for the concern from and their statement appear in the media regarding the letter January 2016, from the Union Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt of India to the Principal Secretary, to the Governor of Meghalaya, informing the Governor as to the Legal and Constitutional validity of the VAB bill 2014.

This note from the MHA states the views of the Union Ministry of Law and Justice, Government of India, which has observed and objected to provisions of the proposed VAB bill 2014,  wherein among others the memo stated that non representation of other schedule tribes and original inhabitants renders the KHADC Village Administration Bill 2014 as undemocratic and unconstitutional as per the Sixth Schedule and Constitution Ri India.

To recollect that on accessing a copy of the MHA letter the Federation of Khasi States, held an emergent meeting on 25th May 2017, and made wide circulation through a press conference held at the Shillong Press Club on 27th May 2017, condemning the derogatory  comments from the MHA. A copy of the said was also handed over to the Acting Syiem of Mylliem in presence of the Myntries in his office and urged the Acting Syiem to immediately convene the Dorbar Hima Mylliem to deliberate on the ramifications of the letter.

They  also draw the attention of the members of the SNSBH that the letter was circulated during the  meeting of the Meghalaya Indigenous Tribal Constitutional Rights Movement (MITCRM) in the office of the KSU, Jaiaw, during August /September 2017 while discussing the upcoming proposed amendments to the Sixth Schedule,  in presence of the members including representatives of the Synjuk Ki Nongsynshar Shnong ka Bri Hynniewtrep,(SNSBH), FKJGP, KSU, HNYF, JYF, FKS and others.

What is more important is that the traditional institutions must come together and deliberate on this MHA letter including the future if we are to retain our social laws, traditions and practices. We urge all Rangbah shnong or Sordar Shnong who requires a copy to collect the same from the office of the Federation of Khasi States.

The January 2016 response from the MHA regarding the Village Administration Bill 2014 confirms what we have been reiterating since last 20 years that the Sixth Schedule as per Constitution India is not meant only for Khasi, Jaintia or Garo tribes but as per the latest MHA letter it is meant for all “Schedule Tribes” including “original inhabitants” and that all – including women need to be part of the village law making process.  We will be only to happy to assist address and enlighten the SNSBH,  and the hundreds of Rangbah Shnong on the issues and complications that are and will now arise from the views made through the MHA letter at any convenient place and time.

They reiterate with all conviction and responsibility that there is no mention of the role, powers, functions and responsibility of the Dorbar Kur, Dorbar Shnong, Dorbar Raid Dobar Hima – Elaka Dolloi, Sirdarship or A’king Nokma, within the 21 paragraphs of the Sixth Schedule or within the over 300 Article’s under the Constitution of India, and to achieve the objective of Constitutional recognition it requires the combined efforts of the traditional institutions, the District Council and State Government to have an honest dialogue on this long pending issue as there are three ADCs within the State of Meghalaya.



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