The SSA teachers were asked to sign an agreement by MC for deduction of their salary

Shillong, August 06: The All Meghalaya SSA School Teacher’s Association,(AMSSATA) in the memorandum submitted to the state Government, the organization want the state government to implement the provision of free SSA in service teacher’s training course.

In the memorandum the organization has pointed out that as per the NCTE guideline is that all SSA teachers’ should possess two year Diploma in Elementary Education till date the government has provided only two batches and only few have completed and many of them are still waiting for the result to be declare by the NIOS.

The organization pointed out that there are many SSA teachers who are not completed their training, and at the same time the Government of India has allowed only two years to the SSA teachers to complete their training which seems not possible in the state of Meghalaya.

In order to comply with the directive of the central government, then many of the SSA teachers will be remaining jobless even do many of them has served as teachers for many years if they could not obtain the  Diploma in Elementary Education as prescribed by the Government of India. The SSA teachers urged the government to accommodate all the untrained at the earliest.

The SSA teachers also urged the government to pat their salary directly to their personal account in the bank. The association thanks the government for enhancing their salary but there creep many problems, like the managing committee of the School started deducting huge amount from each teacher for their fund. Many managing Committee has forcefully made teacher sing an agreement for the deduction of their salary and if they do not comply they were threaten to terminate for their job.

The SSA teachers have diligently discharge their duties to meet the national goal in education, but when it come to their salary they have to face many mental torture which is against their right. The AMSSATA urged the government to stop the menace.

The SSA teachers also asked the state government to implement the provision to provide employees provident found. The sources of income for the SSA teachers is only their salary and if any incident occurred then the family was at stake, the SSA Teachers urged the government to provided any kind pension facilities to them.

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