The WPM and TUR condemns the attacked on Smti Agnes by miscreants

Shillong, Nov 09: Workers Power of Meghalaya, a federation of 13 plus workers unions of Meghalaya condemns the attack on their friend and comrade Kong Agnes Kharshiing a person who fights for the poor and downtrodden and who fights to protect the environment and livelihood of us workers.

The organization urge the government to ensure the culprits are brought to book and we wish Kong Agnes a speedy recovery so that together we can struggle for a better Meghalaya, said Smti  Angelina Hynniewta President WPM in her press statement.

Thma u Rangli Juki (TUR) condemns the murderous attack on Kong Agnes kharshiing and Amita sangma of CSWO in East jaintia hills district. This cowardly attack on one of the leading anti corruption human rights activist of Meghalaya clearly points to the impunity with which mafias are operating in the state under political patronage.

It is important to remember that Kong Agnes has been at the forefront of exposing the nexus under which illegal coal mining is happening in the state inspite of NGT orders. This attack is not an abberation but has happened in a calculated manner in the same district where the murder of RTI activist poipynhun majaw is yet to see justice.

The atmosphere of fear mongering and hate that is being instigated against anyone who questions the system and those in power is these days rampant in meghalaya and is in fact being encouraged by public figures instigating violence against any dissenters.

The organization  urge speedy investigations into this heinous attack and  would like to reiterate that Kong Agnes kharshiings fight against corruption is not a lone fight. Her voice can never be silenced, said Mantre Passah Co-ordination of TUR.




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