TUR demanded all the politicians named in the CBI Report should resign immediately

Shillong, November 13: Thma U Rangli Juki welcomes the landmark judgement of the Honourable High Court in the case of recruitment of Assistant Teachers. This decision by the High Court in the Education or the White Ink scam bared the deep seated corruption and nepotism which lies at the heart of governance in Meghalaya.

TUR demands that all the politicians named in the CBI Report resign immediately from their respective posts and all the political parties refrain from giving these politicians tickets in the coming election till they are cleared of the serious charges of nepotism and corruption.

It is to be noted that the report does not only name Ms. Ampareen Lyngdoh of the congress party but white fluid was applied to fulfill the recommendations of 19 other politicians – politicians who now span the entire spectrum of Meghalaya’s politics. Congress, BJP, Independent, NPP, UDP, BJP. Corruption cuts across party lines in Meghalaya.Most of the  Parties are tainted by this scam.

These Politicians include Mr. Prestone Tynsong who will join NPP, Mr. J.A. Lyngdoh of BJP then UDP, Mr. Don Kupar Massar ,  Mr. Remington Pyngrope of UDP, Mr. R. C. Laloo of Congress etc. It is not surprising therefore that most of the parties like NPP and BJP have been pretty quiet on this judgement.

TUR appeals to the citizens to challenge this endemic corrupt system of Nepotism perpetuated by the politico-bureucratic class of Meghalaya. TUR mention the names of thus people who were pointed out in the CBI report, they are Dr  R.C. Laloo, Congress, Mr Sniawbhalang Dhar, Congress -intends to join  NPP, Mr P.L. Tariang, Mr Ronnie V Lyngdoh, Congress.

Mr  Remington Pyngrope, UDP, Mr Charles Pyngrope, Congress, Mr Sanbor Shullai, NCP, Mr Prestone Tynsong, Congress – intends to join NPP, Mr A.L.Hek, Congress, Mr Limison D. Sangma, Mr Don Kupar Massar, Independent – intends to join NP, Mr M.Pariat, UDP, Mr J.A. Lyngdoh, BJP, Mr L.Malngiang of the Congress, Mr Augustin D.Marar, Mr Clement Marak,Congress, Mr Ismail R Marak, Independent and  Sayeedullah Nongrum.

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