VC of NEHU assure GSU if there are discrepancies in the admission will be corrected

Shillong, Sept 10: The GSU and ADE met with Prof S. K. Srivastava, The Vice-Chancellor of NEHU and Prof H. Lamin, The Pro-VC, Shillong at NEHU Campus, Shillong to discuss some issues and demands made in the past with regards to NEHU Campus, Tura.

The GSU was represented by Tengsak G. Momin, President of GSU CEC,Tura, Balrang Ch. Momin, Addl. Gen. Secretary of GSU CEC, Tura and Salman Sangma, Asst. Gen. Secretary of GSU CEC, Tura. The AYWO was represented by Sengbat Ch. Marak, President of AYWO Central Executive Body. The FKJGP (Garo Hills Zone) was represented by the Pritam Marak, President, FKJGP.

The GSU had made several demands in the past some of which has been fulfilled while some are undergoing process. The GSU and the AYWO had a very cordial and fruitful meeting with the NEHU Officials which was productive and informative.

The NEHU officials explained to us the difference between the normal courses and professional courses which have been confusing the students as well as the concerned citizens of Garo Hills. As per our information, the percentages required of students are 45% for normal academic programmes and 55% for professional programmes respectively the particular order which has been in circular since 2016 but strictly implemented in 2019.

Recently, we met the HOD of Education Department, NEHU Campus, Tura because several Garo students were denied admission to NEHU because the required percentages were not fulfilled. It was informed by NEHU that eligible Garo students will be given the opportunity to fill up the seats in the Education Department. In case of other departments in NEHU, if there are discrepancies in the admission process it was promised it will be corrected.

Some important points discussed in the meeting with NEHU Officials are on the Declining number of Garo students admitted to NEHU, Launching of MSc. Social Forestry at NEHU Campus, Tura, Set-up of Horticulture Dept at Simsanggre, Appointment of the Jt. Registrar at NEHU Campus, Tura, Launching of Agriculture related programmes in Garo Hills and the issue of interview for J.E. held at Guwahati.

When the matter was brought up the Pro-VC, Shillong Shri H. Lamin said he was the chairman and that indeed the interview was held at Guahati for the purpose that not a single candidate applied for the post in Meghalaya and the only candidates were from Assam. But we make an ardent request to NEHU that for the vacant posts in NEHU Campus, Tura that exams and interviews be held in Tura.



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