Video wall introduced at Katihar and New Jalpaiguri for information to railway passenger

Maligaon, Jan 12: A 10 Line true colour LED Video Wall display system has been commissioned at New Jalpaiguri and Katihar stations recently to provide hosts of information to railway passenger.

A video wall is a special setup that consists of multiple computer monitors or television sets tiled together in order to form one large screen. The system is more attractive and dynamic then static displays.

It is being used for providing train arrival & departure information apart from coach guidance and platform numbers to passengers well in advance. So passenger can safely move to nominated platform on time, to avoid last minute rush and therefore this is also concerned to passenger safety at the platform.

This system operates on dual view mode system; that is whatever changes are made by operator, the same will be displayed on the video wall fitted at platform. Pre-planned data can be continuously run on the system as per pre-fixed schedule. The system allows the railway officials to manage thousands of displays from a central location for the entire country.

This is for Broadcasting different contents at the same time by dividing the screen into different regions are also there. The system has the potential for Indian railways to use the facility as a great source to earn revenue, as the advertisers can easily reach the huge masses 24 x 7 that throng into railway station regularly throughout the country.

LED Video Wall has been commissioned at New Jalpaiguri on 28.10.2018 and at Katihar on 25.12.2018. N.F. Railway has planned to introduce such system in all major stations in future for the benefit of railway passenger as well as advertisers.



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