We look forward the National Games will be held in September-October 2022: J.F Kharshiing

Shillong, April 06: The first official meeting of the National Games Organising Committee was held today where the president of the Meghalaya State Olympic Association Mr Joh Kharshiing wlcome the Chief Minister Mr Conrad K Sangma and his cabinet minister, and officials of the Department of Sports for taking this important initiative  forward. He thank Mr. Rajeev Mehta, Secretary General, Indian Olympic Association, for his wholehearted support to the Meghalaya bid for the 39 National Games 2022.

From the MSAO informed and forwarded to Indian Olympic Association the notification of the NGOC and about today’s meeting, however they are all presently in Queensland Australia, for the XXI Common Wealth Games till 15th April 2018.It has been a testing journey to get to this point, for all stake holders of the Olympic Movement, for our youths, our people and for the State Government.It is no exaggeration to say that we in Meghalaya are going through extraordinary times.

The President MSAO,  truly appreciate the unparalleled efforts made by all stake holders especially the State Government, the Indian Olympic Association, and the Meghalaya State Olympic Association, in facilitating the 12th South Asian Games 2016, which inspired us towards reaching the important milestone the allotment of the XXXIX National Games 2022 in Meghalaya.

Thre will be tremendous all round transformation and opportunity for the youths of Meghalaya and the country as a whole by hosting the National Games 2022, it will put Meghalaya in the future Olympic Map with the National Games as a catalyst. History will talk about a Meghalaya before the National Games and a much better Meghalaya after the National Games.

The Olympic family is always at its best whenever we are united in our resolve. He  also like to appreciate the important role of Mri. Conrad Sangma, Chief Minister, and his Cabinet colleagues.  Governments commitment will make the difference.  We hope to see the legacy of the National Games transforming Meghalaya, the poorest segment of the population will benefit the most from this transformation. Meghalaya will transform in different ways.

It is exciting to be here, as it is a special day for our State Meghalaya, where we will embark on a journey to be talked and remembered by future generations. National Games venues could be transformed into tourist destinations, public parks and recreational areas for the local population after the Games, further the Games will make a difference in the lives of many young people.

He said, when he meet young girls and boys, I feel the confidence and motivation that sport gives them to succeed in life. Sport gives them the strength to shape their future and their communities. This is where we see the transformative power of sport in action. If we want to make a difference in the world today, we must engage with youth. Young people including many athletes are living in a new digital reality. Young people are digitally “always on”.

This new digital world has huge implications for the future of Sports. With the many options that youth have today we cannot expect them to naturally come to sport. We have to go where they are.  The challenge for us is to ensure that young people do not just move their fingers to move a mouse, or move their lips to give commands to a computer, or move their eyes only to watch a screen. Our task is to inspire people to practice sport, to move and engage in physical activity.

This also will have a very important opportunity to benchmark ourselves during the upcoming three upcoming National Games that is November 2018 the XXXVI NG in Goa, the XXXVII NG in Chattisgarh during 2019 and the XXXVIII NG in Uttrakhand during 2020. We request the State Government to take all steps in supporting and allocating adequate funds to the Meghalaya State Olympic Association and the various State Associations in Hosting the Meghalaya Games.

He said the, he look forward to the games being held in September /October 2022 which leaves us approximately 4years and 6months, which is  about 54 months to put things in place.From today the clock starts ticking.  We have a busy agenda ahead of us towards the XXXIX National Games 2022.   Let us be united in this faith and shape the future together.We all look forward to spectacular Games in our beautiful State of Meghalaya.In this spirit, He (Mr Kharshiing) once again thank the State Government for supporting the initiative of Hosting the prestigious XXXIX National Games 2022 in Shillong Meghalaya.

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