Zonal President AWWA Mrs Pia inagurate State’s Atal Tinkering Laboratory at APS shillong

Shillong, October 13: State’s first Atal Tinkering Laboratory was inaugurated by Mrs Pia Ahuja, Zonal President AWWA at Army Public School Shillong on Friday, 13 October 2017.

The laboratory has been set up under the Atal Innovation Mission of Niti Aayog. The vision is to cultivate 1 million children in India as NEOTERIC INNOVATORS. The lab will provide a platform for innovations out of the fusion of young curious minds and exposure to cutting edge technology in the familiar premises of the School.

Students from classes VI to XII will be benefited from this laboratory. It is equipped with “DO IT YOURSELF KITS” and all the instruments related to Science, Electronics, Robotics, Sensors, 3D printers, computers etc. Further, this will also serve as a community outreach programme. Bright students from nearby communities can use the facilities of the lab and thus a bridge will be built between the school and the communities.

The Chief Guest Mrs Pia Ahuja, after the formal inauguration of the lab went around and saw the models made by the students and interacted with them.  She congratulated the school and wished the students many happy hours of innovative tinkering.

This is not just a lab but a cauldron in which innovation will be cooked and citizens of the new age made and fashioned, the school said.

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