As a countdown to mark the celebration of the International Yoga Day 2024 at NEHU

Shillong, June 24: As a countdown to mark the celebration of the International Yoga Day on 21st June 2024, a 5-days Yoga Camp was organized during the morning hours from the 11 – 15 June 2024 at the Community Hall located in the pristine campus of North-Eastern Hill University in Shillong.

The first day of the camp saw enlightening introduction of the entire programme from the resource person Dr.(Ms.) Anamika Upadhaya, Art of Living Foundation, Shillong Centre with active participation of all those present comprising of Col. Omkar Singh (Retd), Registrar, NEHU, Teachers, Non-Teaching Staff, Family Members, Guests and Students of the University.

During the 5-days Yoga Camp participants were introduced to the basic Yoga poses (Asanas) which offers flexibility and balance to the human body thus strengthening it when practice on a routine basis over a period of time.

The activities during the camp was an opportunity for the participants to witness the demonstration of Breathe Control (Pranayama) techniques meant to calm the mind and improve focus while balancing the energy throughout the entire human body.

Throughout the sessions, the participants experience the beneficial impact of the Yoga poses which could be safely practice to ensure proper body support and alignment thus balancing the human body and prevent injury.

Daily session of the camp concludes with practice of Meditation techniques to control the human mind for long hours of concentration. Such techniques when practice daily will transform an individual to remain calm and alert along with a feeling of peace and happiness in one’s inner soul.

The 5-days camp concluded on the 15th June 2024 with Prof. D.K. Choubey, Chairman, University Level Yoga Committee, NEHU expressing sincere gratitude especially to the  Vice Chancellor, Prof. Prabha Shankar Shukla whose continuos support and guidance had motivated the organizers and participants alike to successfully conduct the Yoga Camp.

While appreciating all those involve in the Yoga Camp, he also encourage the participants especially the students to practice Yoga in their daily lives in order to imbibe a spirit of self-discipline and contentment.

On the last day of the camp, Dr. B. Langstang, Naturopathist, demonstrated specific techniques and poses which when practice regularly will help to manage lifestyle ailments like  hypertension and diabetes.

The 5-days Yoga Camp finally concluded with felicitation of the resource persons by Dr. F.R.Sumer, Convenor, University Level Yoga Committee, NEHU in the presence of other Committee Members.




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