As winter arrives, NFR takes measures to enhance safety of Train operations

Maligaon, Nov 23: As the winter arrives, maintenance of assets needs to be beefed up to avoid failures and to ensure a safe journey.  In view of the ensuing winter season, NFR has already put in place various actions to be taken for ensuring safety.

It may be mentioned here that during the winter season, railway track tends to contract during night and expand during day time. Such sudden change in temperature often leads to fracture of rail track which causes major safety related hazards.

In view of the above, vigorous patrolling is being done throughout the entire track length of NFR to detect fracture in the fracture prone locations. Normally such cases happen during night or early morning hours when the temperature is low.

So, effective patrolling during night and early morning hours is very important when the temperature is at its minimum and the patrolmen carry out patrolling in their respective beats in this harsh weather conditions.

Moreover, Rail joints and welds are being monitored regularly to find out any discrepancy. Maximum and minimum temperature of the defect prone areas are being monitored and compared with the available records of last five years to find out the Mean Rail Temperature to check the possibility of rail fracture owing to temperature variation.

Distressing of the sections having LWR (Long Welded Rails) is also being done. SEJ joints are being monitored at time when the temperature is in the lower side to find out any change in behaviours.  Ultrasonic Fault Detection (USFD) device is also being used to detect defect or fracture which are not normally visible to naked eye.

The Trackmen, Patrolmen and Keyman are being suitably counselled and trained to detect and to take proactive measures. Necessary equipments are also being provided to field staff on winter patrolling duty. Equipments includes 1) Rechargeable torch 2) Fog Signal 3) Two Tri-Colour Hand Signal lamps 4) Two Red Flags and One Green Flag 5) Gum boots 6) Protective Clothing 7) Safety jackets etc.

Sometimes Patrolman is also provided with a GPS tracking device to monitor movements for effective patrolling.Winter season are also accompanied by foggy weather resulting into poor visibility for train drivers. In view of this, various indication boards throughout the sections and lifting barriers gates are repainted or provided with luminous indication strips for proper visibility.


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