AYWO condemned the statement of Health Minister in the demand for ILP in meghalaya  

Tura, Feb 26: The AYWO held a General Body Meeting today on Tuesday at SMELC Conference Hall Tura. After thorough discussions and deliberations,

unanimously denounce and condemned the statement made by Health Minister Mr AL Hek that the demand for implementation of ILP in the state of Meghalaya is not a Peoples’ demand.

The AYWO is of the opinion that BJP is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and the feather of same flock. With the passage of time, the real agenda is being spelt out brazenly and the State Ministers are hell bent to appease its dictatorial leadership in Delhi for having their piece of Cake of Power.

The AYWO term the statement as irresponsible and insensitive  for a Cabinet Minister to castigate its own Cabinets’  ‘Unanimous Assembly Resolution’ and mock the same as  ‘farce’ which only indicates that he voted for resolution just because of his political compulsion not for his love for motherland.

Instead of having analysed the demand of ILP in Meghalaya, AL Hek should push the agenda aggressively with their bosses in Delhi. It seems, Hek, the former NGO leader lost its track and basically saying that his Parent  Organization is fighting the wrong battle since late 90s.

The house also strongly opine that the crime perpetrated by the Outsiders’ can be quite visible very often nowadays and AYWO feels that the unabated inflow of non tribal’s into Tribal areas is, more or less is one of the contributing factors for higher Crime Rates in Garo Hills.

The NGOs said that they have  witness majority of dacoity and rape cases in Garo hills  is perpetrated by Non Tribals coming from outside the state of Meghalaya. Recent crackdown on Inter State Non Tribal Dacoits by the Meghalaya Police for Robbing Church institutions in Garo Hills GH is the testimony for our claim.

The NGOs pointed out that in  Dawki too, Bangladeshis enter our Place, rob and assaulted our Breathen of Khasi Hills. They even dare to snatch the official weapon of Police Officer station out there and assaulted the Police.

The situation of Garos’ in plain belt regions of West Garo Hills is no better than our Khasi counterparts of Dawki Region. Many immoral and unethical cases can be seen and past few months, Police SI has been manhandled in Chibinang Area.

In most of the times, these outsiders’ took advantage of our good hospitable nature and our respect to Visitors’. This is posing a serious threat to Law and Order of the region and threatened to derail the peaceful coexistence between the genuine non tribals and Tribals.

Therefore , the antecedents of every outsiders’ need to be checked and the proposed ENTRY EXIT POINT will serve the very purpose. In the meantime, house also unanimously decided to  check all the Outsiders’ Labourers’ and  Businessman or  Barbers’ etc. and the Regional Branch will execute our mission to Protect our Motherland in their own areas starting from March till the setting up of Entry Exit Point in Meghalaya.

The  AYWO General Body express our sincere disappointment and not satisfied at all how the things are going on in Delhi with regards to the implementation of ILP in Meghalaya. The adamant and nonchalant attitude of NDA can be witnessed with the passage of CAA despite of mass protest, and by going through the recent developments, it seems, BJP is not serious at all to protect the rights and interest of Indigenous people of NE.

Therefore in the backdrop of recent development, MDA should focus sincerely on the ground for timely Implementation of our own MRSSA 2016.  Meghalaya Residents’ Safety and Security Act is formulated to keep in check the inflow of outsiders’ and get them registered beforing entering Meghalaya.

This MRSSA can be serve as ‘ILP- Meghalaya Chapter’ if effectively implemented. This legislation was passed in 2016 and till date no implementation on ground can be seen. We therefore urge the MDA to install Check Gates at the earliest as mandated under MRSSA, failing of which, AYWO and its Members’ will implement MRSSA in letter and Spirit.

In the meantime, General Body of AYWO urge all the Regional Branch to prepare for any drastic steps and will continue our awareness program in every nook and Corner of Meghalaya in tandem with 7 prominent NGOs of Meghalaya. Time has come to rise and stand for what is right and AYWO urge all the youths of Meghalaya to come together to fight for better tommorow.

During the course of discussions, AYWO also wish the New Central Executive Committee of KSU after its Election on 22nd February 2020,  congratulates  New CEC Leaders’ of KSU led by its dynamic President Bah Lam and energetic GS Bah Donald for retaining the Prestigious Post of one of  the most influential Organisations of Meghalaya and wish them a success  in its endeavor to work for greater interest of our people. We are looking forward to March in Unison to push our common agenda to protect our identity, Culture and tradition.

The AYWO  in its General Body meeting, welcomed three new Regional Branches of AYWO to its fold namely, Mendal (NGH), Chibinang (WGH) and Chokpot (SGH). Mendal Regional Branch of AYWO will be headed by  Affu R Marak as President and Marsin R Marak as the General secretary along with other office bearers and executive members.

Likewise,  Chibinang Regional Branch has also been approved and Mr. Drick Louis Ch Marak has been elected as President and Sunny B Sangma as General Secretary along with other office bearers  and Executive members. Chokpot Regional Branch will be headed  by Mr Malseng C Marak as President and Bifthin Ch Momin as General Secretary along with other office bearers and Executive members.

AYWO General Body wish them a very good luck in striving towards the fulfilment of Aims and objectives of  AYWO in their respective areas. AYWO also want to inform to all that AYWO  will celebrate its ‘Decennial Jubilee’ on December 10-12, 2020 in Tura, where all the Regional Branches of AYWO will take part from all over the Garo Hills and 10th Annual General Body Meeting will be held on 11th of December 2020. We will invite all the Former Members’ of AYWO and will felicitate for their contribution towards AYWO in particular and Garo people as a whole.



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