AYWO will organize ‘Cultural Protest’ protest against CAA to demand for implementation of ILP

Tura, Jan 16: The AYWO said that they all know about the continuous ‘Political Injustice’ perpetrated upon the harmless and innocent Tribals of NE by imposition of various Act such as AFSPA, Citizenship (Amendment) Act 2019 despite of huge protest in the Entire NE. After the enactment of CAA, BJP led NDA made the publication of CAA in the Gazette of India, notifying the Act will be implemented from 10th January 2020.

This will have serious implications on the demographic and Population structure of NE and will shake the very foundation of our Existence. Hordes of immigrants from neighbouring countries will be encouraged to cross over to India under CAA.

In order to give minimal counter mechanism to check the unabated inflow of outsiders’, AYWO urge the MDA govt to set up entry exit point, identified in various strategic locations including Phulbari Ghat, Mir Jhumla, Chibinang, Monabari, Dainadubi, Bajong etc at the earliest.

It seems the government of Meghalaya is going in a snails’ pace in implementing the Meghalaya Residents’ Safety and Security Act 2016(MRSSA) under which the setting up of Entry Exit point is mandated. If Manipur government can set up ILP Check Points in a day or two, what is stopping the govt of Meghalaya to set up Entry Exit Point even after 3 years of its enactment, which is also like an ILP.

They feel that the govt of the day must be proactive and push the agenda of implementing an ILP in the state of Meghalaya with the MHA aggressively and in the meantime govt should set up Entry Exit Point at the earliest.

The AYWO  cannot be a mute spectator. MDA must wake up from its deep slumber and instead of giving justifications for CAA through its various functionaries’; they should focus on how to make Entry Exit Points functional at the earliest.

The Sixth Schedule is not meant for checking inflow of Influx, it is meant for preservation of our cultural and traditional values and the constitutional right given to us to grow as per our traditional practices and beliefs. We have taken enough brunt and we will not allow the govt of the day to legalize the illegal’s.

The AYWO said that they  cannot accept the Illegal Immigrants from any parts of the World irrespective of their religion caste Creed etc and AYWO will resist the ‘injustice’ till the end. Therefore, in protest against the CAA to demand for the implementation of ILP in the state of Meghalaya, AYWO is organising ‘cultural protest’ with a theme “NO CAA, YES ILP” on 21st January 2020 which co-incidentally marks as a ‘Meghalaya Day’.

The Program will start from Tura Bazar with the awareness Campaign on ill effects of CAA followed by a Torch March from Tura Bajar to William Point, Balnangkol A’chura, where the Cultural Protest will take place in which many artiste will perform against the imposition of their dictatorial mindset in the name of CAA and demand for ILP in the state of Meghalaya.

Various Organisations including the NESO, GSU, ADE FKJGP will join the protest and the leaders’ will address the gathering in William Point. AYWO also urge the every household in every nook and corner of Garo Hills to “light the bilcham or candle in front of their respective house in protest against the caa” on Meghalaya Day i.e., on 21st Meghalaya 2020 from 6pm onwards.

This is the fight for our Identity and the need of the hour is Unity. If United, No Power of this Planet can defeat us. The AYWO said that they  need to stand in Unison and thereby AYWO humbly request all the Intellectuals, Youth Clubs,Locality Development Committees , Public Leaders’, MLAs,MDCs and every individuals to be a part of the gathering and collectively demand for the implementation of Inner Line Permit(ILP) in the entire state of Meghalaya in Tura on 21st January 2020.




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