Cyrstal Gayle Memorial Award 2019 in visual arts conferred to Dr Debraj Debbarma

Shillong, Dec 29: The Cyrstal Gayle Memorial Award 2019 for excellence in visual arts was conferred upon Dr Debraj Debbarma for his magnificent landscape photography. The award ceremony was graced by Mr Cyril V D Diengdoh, Director of Tourism, Government of Meghalaya, in the presence of family members of Late Crystal Gayle Kharnaior.

The members of Riti Academy of Visual Arts, Langkupar War and Dr Madeline Tham, Convener, Indian National Trust for Arts and Cultural Heritage, Meghalaya Chapter. The Chief Guest, Mr Diengdoh appreciated the endeavour of Dr Debbarma towards the arts of capturing the breathtaking landscapes of the State.

Commenting on the awardee, the Director of Tourism, Mr Diengdoh said, ‘The artists and photographers are the ambassadors of tourism for the State and the passion and commitment of Dr Debraj Debbarma is commendable for venturing into the untouched and unblemished locations of the State and showcasing the breathtaking wonder of nature that Meghalaya has to offer’.

After witnessing the presentation of Dr Debraj Debbarma, Diengdoh stated that Meghalaya is a world class tourism destination that can synergise with various aspects of tourism promotion.

Some of the achievements of Dr Debraj Debbarma being considered for the award is his extensive landscape photography and that he received accolades from prestigious institutions like, NiSi filters India, D J Memorial and others.

His pictures were also published in reputed journals including the Smart Photography. Dr Debraj Debbarma has also ventured into aerial photography and astrophotography, while one of the most significant discoveries which have proven successful is his creative experiment with custom-made footwear that he designed specifically for the perilous monsoon terrain of Meghalaya.

The Crystal Award for Excellence in Visual Arts is being instituted by Riti Academy of Visual Arts in memory of Crystal Gayle Kharnaior and the Chairman, Mr Raphael Warjri stated that Dr Debraj Debbarma was an undisputed nominee for his outstanding performance in his photography.

In his observation, Warjri stated that several natural landscapes are being damaged by the rampant human intervention of artificial structures perpetrated by the authorities on the pretext of providing comfort and convenience to visitors. He urged upon the Government to preserve the pristine condition of nature and suggested that structures could be erected with aesthetic consideration that will suit with the surrounding environment.

As part of the presentation, the winner of the Award, Dr Debraj Debbarma exhibited two videos entitled Nongstoiñ Shillong Cherry Blossom and A Glimpse of Meghalaya to impress upon the authority for the great potentials that Meghalaya have and the need to sustain the immaculate condition of the various landscapes throughout the State.

He said that some of his outstanding works were rejected at certain international arena due to haphazard artificial elements that disrupted the natural landscapes in the State.

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