HITO call on all the NGOs, Traditional Heads, ADCs to raise their voice illegal encroachment by Assam

Shillong, June 13: The Hynñiewtrep Integrated Territorial today has written to  Chief Minister Mr. Conrad K Sangma to act  immediately against the continuous intentional land encroachment into Meghalaya by the Assam Government.

The Hynñiewtrep Integrated Territorial organization once against sought intervention into the continuous intentional encroachment of land by the Assam government along the border and therefore it is time for the government of Meghalaya to act into with immediate effect to protect our land from any further encroachment.

In this connection, the HITO just recently wrote to your office relating to the proposed construction of the University at Khanduli West Jaintia Hills and again these same leaders from Assam had inspected Khatkasla Village West Jaintia Hills where the newly Border Police Outpost was set up by Assam government.

It may be noted that a Status quo has been signed between Assam and Meghalaya with concern to the people residing along the border of both states but it seem that the Assam government pay the least attention and had neglected the status quo.

It was also recalled in 2009 when Meghalaya Progressive Alliance was in the ruling some precious life had been lost at Langpih West Khasi Hills due to the interference of the Assam government while Himanta Biswa Sarma was in cabinet minister under Congress government since he was the MLA from Kamrup which is a border with Meghalaya and again under his leadership as a Chief Minister of Assam in 2021 He (CM of Assam) show his attitude again to Meghalaya.

In a recent reaction of Meghalaya Chief Minister to HITO letter on Khaduli he stated that he will take up the matter with his Assam counterparts but it are shocking to see again such an incident happened again.

The organisation would like to emphasize that our inter-state border has been left unresolved for many decades we also recall the earlier state the government had constituted a committee and they compiled all the areas of difference which must now be taken up aggressively with the Centre since the Assam Government is not showing any sincerity to solve the boundary dispute not only with Meghalaya but also with Mizoram and Nagaland. A joint approach with the above states is the need of the hour to ensure Assam is shown its place.

Whether the Chief Minister’s assurance to take up the matter with Assam was to stop or continue to encroach, it is also the duty and the responsibility of all the regional political parties in the state raise the issue as all these parties had mentioned border issue in their manifesto and there no point in shouting only during the election about their concern about the border dispute.

If the Chief Minister of Meghalaya is unaware of the present situation at the border which is a disputed area it proves that he admitted the encroachment and sooner or later we as a responsible Organization will have to  take up the matter with serious concern and forcefully evict the illegal encroachment.

HITO, call on all the NGOs, Traditional Heads, the three ADCs to raise their voice of concern as to this illegal encroachment by Assam, The MDA government should? A serious steps to solve the matter at the earliest we don’t want to see again another precious life to be lost at Khanduli or Khatkasla before it’s too late, said Mr. Donbok Dkhar president and Mr.  Wanbun N Dkhar General Secretary.

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