HITO demand for an inquiry on the death of pregnant staff nurse of Ganesh Das Hospital

Shillong, May 31: The organization Hynñiewtrep Integrated Territorial Organization today has written to the Chief Minister Mr Conrad K Sangma with a copy to Health Minister Mr AL Hek to demand for an inquiry that led to the death  of the pregnant staff nurse’s untimely death due to Covid-19 at Ganesh Das Hopsital Shillong.

In the letter sent to the Chief Minister today HITO pointed out that the staff nurse of Ganesh Das Maternity & Child Health Hospital contracted Covid-19 and sadly passed away along with a six months’ old baby in her womb and leaving her 6 year old innocent son behind.

According to friends who knew her well, that late Smti Manisha Turnia had reported feeling unwell three weeks prior to her demise. She sought for medical leave which was denied outrightly by the concerned authority.

In the letter the HITO claim that she was with child and had only three  months to deliver remained elusive from her superiors it appears, and hence led to the sad culmination of her untimely death.

The organsation expresses its deep anguish at the untimely loss of a precious soul and is also seething with anger at the lackadaisical attitude of the deceased’s superiors who seemed oblivious for reasons best known to them of the victim’s plight.

Now a 6-year-old boy will never have the once in a lifetime God given opportunity of knowing his precious mother thanks to the callousness and selfishness of someone. HITO remind the government on May 17, 2021 had in very simple language made it abundantly clear through an official notification that pregnant women are exempted from duty during the lockdown period.

The organsation stated that besides there is also a standing directive from the Union ministry of health & family welfare in effect since last year. But yet this exemption did not apply or was not applied to by the authorities in the poor nurse’s justified case, WHY?

HITO said that the government may concur that despite your best efforts to govern responsibly, yet there are those who perhaps think otherwise. So much so that precious lives are being lost like a stack of nine pins simply because of apathy and lack of dedication by people entrusted with the onus of alleviating people’s pain during this crisis as you yourself Sir termed it yesterday in your Special Prayer telecast.

The  Hynñiewtrep Integrated Territorial Organization herewith demands an immediate and thorough enquiry into the chronology of events that led to the unfortunate demise of late Smti. Manisha Turnia and affix responsibility as well as punish those guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

The Hynñiewtrep Integrated Territorial Organization also demands adequate compensation to the bereaved next of kin of the deceased victim of official callousness and disburse the same timely if not promptly.

The organization also urges the government to ensure that all frontline workers who succumb to Covid-19 whilst on duty are not denied their rightful dues both from the Centre as well as from the State as such cases have recently come to fore which we are sure you are aware of.

With this humble petition to you we seek your kind intervention to address these issues at the earliest and permanently for the good of the people whom you and your esteemed colleagues modestly serve, mention Mr. Dobok Dkhar President and Mr. Wanhun N Dkhar general secretary.

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