HITO urged the Chief Minister to set up police station, police outpost in the border with Assam

Shillong, Sept 08: The Hynñiewtrep Integrated Territorial Organization (HITO) to day has sent the letter to the Chief Minister Mr. Cornad K Sangma urging the Meghalaya Government to set up Police Station and Police Outpost along the interstate Border with Assam.

The Hynñiewtrep Integrated Territorial Organization (HITO) would like to draw your focused attention to the prevailing condition in Mukroh, Psiar,Khanduli, Umlaper and other villages located in disputed areas of our State.

Our own brothers and sisters are facing undue hardship and trauma due to the domineering attitude of Assam police that is engaged in repeated threats, intimidations, extortion, and other criminal activities besides encroaching their precious soil.

The organsation draw the  attention to the recent Cabinet decision in the month of June which culminated into an official order from Police Headquarters No. MG/XIX-225/2020/12 dated 15th June 2021, seeking the “latest crime figures for the last 5 (five) years” for requisite data collation as part of the exercise for the creation of Police Stations/Outposts in various parts of the State.

The organsation  appreciating the efforts of the government to ensure security to all its citizens, we would however request you to kindly prioritize the establishment/up gradations of the said police outposts and police stations.

For instance, the State has witnessed increased violations in East Jaintia Hills and Ri-Bhoi border areas but surprisingly out of 19 proposed new sites, there are only two in Ri-Bhoi and one in East Jaiñtia Hills which are the current hotspots of clashes.

The locations and justification for establishment and up gradation of these facilities do not make sense as our administration appears to retreat into its own territory instead., on the other hand, Assam has been actively engaged in creating infrastructure in areas that are clearly breaching the territorial integrity of our people there without any thought for the people residing in those areas.

The organsation said that the Chief Minsiter understand our genuine concern and apprehension over this matter of life and death of our beloved people. They  request your undivided attention for just a brief while, to resolve these anomalies, so that the people will know and see for themselves the sincere efforts made by your administration to alleviate their woes. The letter was sign by the president of the organsation Mr. Dobok Dkhar.

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