Hollywood Celebratee Dr. MunniIrone address the students of NEHU on her visit to University

Shillong, May 05: The Office of International Affairs (OIA), NEHU and  Vice-Chancellor Prof. P.S.Shukla organized an interactive session between students, teachers and visiting Hollywood celebrate, philanthropist and author Dame Dr. MunniIrone on the evening of 4th May, 2023.

The meeting has been described as first of its kind visit by a Holywood celebrate straight from Beverly Hills who shared her rich experience of working with Government of India for strengthening India’s economy.

She emphasized on developing sound and sustainable infrastructure through global partnership so that NEHU as a university can attract investors for research, innovation, entrepreneurship, skill development and indeed for  the entire emerging field of learning how to solve problems at all levels.

Speaking to students and teachers she suggested that techniques of meditation, breathing and ways of living a stress free life are the keys to success in present competitive environment.

She pointed out that there is no dearth of finding ways and means for decent living and growth into impactful investors and contributors to India’s knowledge based economy.

While chairing the interactive session, Prof. P. S. Shukla, the Vice-Chancellor presented before the visiting luminary NEHU’s legendary achievements in developing a huge talent pool in the hole of North-East India, being the first Central University of the region.

The Vice-Chancellor highlighted NEHU’s thrust areas of work and research by underscoring NEHU’s interdisciplinary work and teaching in advanced frontiers of agriculture, biotechnology, data sciences, cultural and human sciences, art, philosophy, music, religion and all other major academic disciplines.

The visiting dignitary was impressed with NEHU’s scientific and academic track record and the Vice-Chancellor also minced no words in highlighting NEHU’s present emphasis on action research.

Prof. Shukla further recalled nEHU’s efforts to internationalize higher education and recounted how NEHU joined in Government of India’s efforts to develop regional blocs like ASEAN, BIMSTEC and SAARC and beyond.

Dame Dr. MunniIrone responded to issues in a serious and humourous way. Students were amazed at her success story and at her fitness through Yoga and her innovative ways of solving critical psychological issues that afflict younger generation.

Several students raised serious existential and philosophical issues about meaning of life, to which the celebrate asked the students to discover the inner self and know one’s own potential through choosing the right career for oneself.

The challenge, according to her, is to choose the right career path from among many options and to keep oneself steady in the chosen path in order to attain success. Dr. Irone went onto t suggest possibility of multiple layered collaboration between her upcoming Studio in Hollywood and NEHU and admittedly.

Dr. Dr. MunniIrone found NEHU students as a capable lot who can come uptotraining themselves as Coach, educator, entertainment promoters and such other roles that would bring a lot of success to each of them. The students were enthralled by her extremely amiable personae and her free ways of responding to every query till late in the evening.

The Office of International Affairs earlier welcomed MunniIrone in glowing words. Prof. P. S. Shukla pointed out how in Indian languages Munni means a very dear girl child adored in every Indian household and especially in a matrilineal society like Meghalaya.

Prof. P. S. Shukla appealed to here repeat visits to NEHU so that she can inspire the fraternity with her charming and deep wisdom. Prof. ErbanorisJyrwas, Dean of School of Education in her address thanked the Deans of Scholls, teachers and students for making the session with celebrate a very lively one.

She expressed NEHU’s gratitude to Shri Ike Sinha, a veteran social worker and an influencer in enriching NEHU by bridging up between NEHU and countries like South Korea and United States’.

The well attended session was attended by Deans of School, senior Professors such as Prof. Sherwin K. Sungoh, Prof. G.Bez, Prof. D.V.Kumar and a host of other renowned scholars-researchers.

Dr. MunniIrone took a campus trip and proposed to develop collaboration with NEHU by way of helping NEHU get capital investment for developing some unique projects that would grow a bright and attractive future for NEHU students as well as for investors from abroad.

In her inspiring thoughts, NEHU under the leadership of Prof. P. S. Shukla plan to evolve long terms collaboration with US entertainment industry as well as develop sites that would serve multidimensional purpose of training, research, investment and growth as an integrated ecosystem.

She emphasized on social and spiritual harmony between peoples so that NEHU can play a big role in bringing various faiths together, which in turn, according to her, shall ensure social harmony that is needed for secure economic growth.

She asserted that given the ancient culture that India has, NEHU students can lay a big role in promoting their cultures and through this the world can better understand India’s inner strength and can yield a bigger pie to India and Indians.

She expressed her serious concerns at violence and disharmony and prayed that everyone finds inner peace as the strong point in one’s being so that India’s culture and tradition are given greater space in our individual and public life.

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