HYC written to Housing Dept for provision for measurement of each sheet during enquiry

Shillong, July 09: The President of the Hynniewtrep Youth Council (HYC)  Mr. Roy kupar Synrem has written to the Joint Secretary to the Government of Meghalaya of the Housing Department Mr. L C Marak MCS,  nodal officer and Chairman enquiry team.

In the letter the HYC President seek to insert the provision for measurement of each sheet during enquiry. In the letter put forth his  objection to the way the enquiry is being conducted regarding our Complaint dated 20.06.2024.

During Our first day of spot inspection and verification with the Enquiry Team on 2.7.24, they  had raised a concern that the Team should also took measurement of the Weight of each sheet in addition to the measurement of the Length, Width and thickness.

The HYC want the provision , sothat  the Enquiry will be able to report fairly and correctly on the standard and quality of the supplied aluminium sheets, as complained by the organisation.

However, during the visits on 5.7.24 and also on 9.7.24, the Enquiry Team has not made any provision for measuring the weight which according to us is primarily also important to address the concern on the supply of substandard and low quality sheets by the supplier i.e. Hariana Iron Works Pvt. Ltd.

Therefore, it is requested that henceforth, measurement of the weight of each sheet be also taken into account, so that the Enquiry Team is able to report wholly and fairly on the standard and quality of the supplied sheets by the said Company.

Failing which, they will not take part further with this enquiry as it will be a futile as well as a one-sided exercise and the Report of which will be unacceptable by us and the general public at large.



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