If Congress MLAs are desperate for power then they should join BJP: Bashailang

Shillong, Sept 08: The National Council member Bashailang Khongwir has accused Pala and the Congress of opportunistic politics at a time when all political parties should stand together to resolve the ongoing crisis.

Describing the congress and it’s ploy hilarious Khongwir said that the congress can never come back to power in Meghalaya but if its MLAs are desperate for power then they should leave the party first and join BJP.

Mr  Khongwir futher stated of internal divisions within the Congress after Pala was appointed party president. Media houses have highlighted Mukul, Charles and Pala camps which clearly indicate the internal divisions.

Recalling Manipur where Congress had 29 elected legislators and still couldn’t form the government, then what chance do they have in Meghalaya? The BJP will ensure no Congress government is formed in Meghalaya.

Last session they wanted to move no confidence motion and this session they want the removal of the speaker. Next session we might see exodus of the congress MLAs from the party.

Mr. Pala’s allegation against BJP of playing divisive politics Khongwir said Pala should ask Sonia why they have merged with AIUDF in Assam founded by Mohammad Badrudin Ajmal. What is the hidden agenda behind the alliance with AIUDF party? Congress is responsible for the financial mess in Meghalaya.

The MDA government is now clearing the financial mess left behind by the previous Congress government. Despite two years of covid crisis, the MDA government has made considerable financial corrections and is dealing ably with the financial crunch deepened further by the global pandemic.

The NDA led by BJP, at the centre has provided a much needed boost and financial support to Meghalaya. People understand that with Congress at helm of affairs, they are bound to suffer, said Mr Bashailang Khongwir National council member BJP, Meghalaya state.

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