KHNAM still a political party in the state: Election Commission

Shillong, Jan 10:  The Khun Hynniewtrep National Awakening Movement (KHNAM) expressed satisfaction over the decision of the Election Commission (EC) of India to retain the identity of KHNAM as a political party in the state.

Informing reporters on Thursday, KHNAM president Pyndapbor Saiborne informed that the party received a letter from the Election Commission of India on Wednesday stating that the EC retained the identity of the KHNAM.

Expressing contenment over the decision, Saiborne said that no matter how forcefully former KHNAM president Paul Lyngdoh tries to scrap off the KHNAM as a political party, it will never be successful.

According to the letter by the EC, after scrutinizing the two letters sent by Paul Lyngdoh dated January 16, 2012 and the letter dated December 16, 2011, it was seen that the resolution and proceedings of the CEC of the KHNAM stated to have been held on October 26, 2011 was enclosed with each of the said two letters.

Saiborne also informed that they are going to field 8-10 candidates in the upcoming elections, the names of the remaining seven will be announced in the last week of January. The three candidates already announced by the party included, Adelbert Nongrum from Shillong North, Pyndap Saiborne from Mawlai and H Wanniang from Mawkyrwat.

“The decision taken by the EC is very right and we can say that this is the victory of a small political party who is fighting and working for the betterment of the indigenous community”, he said.

While the date, November 15, 2011 was mentioned in the resolution sent with the letter dated January 16, 2012, the date was over written to read as October 26, 2011 in the resolution sent with the letter dated December 16, 2011.

“This evidently amounts to submission of tampered documents”, the letter mentioned adding that the commission has not accepted the application submitted by Paul Lyngdoh for deletion of KHNAM from the list of political party.

“We condemned this fraudulence committed by Paul Lyngdoh”, Saiborne said adding that they will continue to survive as a political party in the state to serve the state and its people.

Terming KHNAM as a virgin political party, Saiborne said “We are willing to unite with the other parties like the HSPDP even as maintaining that our own identity is intact with a motive to bring about better governance in the state”, Saiborne said.

KHNAM president also refuted reports in relation to the approach of some of the candidates who were denied the congress tickets stating that “Till date, we have not received any official reports but there have been talks going on and if there is such an approach, then we are willing to welcome them”, Saiborne added.

Saiborne also agreed upon the comment made by Nongkrem legislator Ardent Basaiawmoit recently on the need for the small political parties in the state to unify and have a mutual understanding to fight against the giant parties, Congress party and the UDP which had been the political arena for almost 40 years.

He however, stated that this pre-poll alliance between the small political parties in the state should not end just after the elections but should go on to be a post-poll alliance.

Meanwhile, Jaiaw MDC Adelbert Nongrum said “This recognition of the KHNAM party only goes to show that we are here to stay and it is a sign which depicted that we are based on a true identity and traditional roots”, adding that anything taken by force cannot last long.

Nongrum also urged the new members and especially the youth to avoid from deceiving their own traditional background and roots and based their victory on what they uphold. “We will continue to deal with issues which concern the well being of the indigenous community and its people”, he added.(SP News)


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