KHNAM youth wing urged the Government of Meghalaya to make rules for Rapido Bikes

Shillong, July 17: The Ban on Rapido Bike service in the state of Meghalaya by the Transport Department based on Section 66, Sub-Section 1 of the MV Act 1988 has generated unemployment to the youth of the state in a large scale, that too in a time when the state is fighting the biggest problems of unemployment and economic crises.

Yes the Law has its stand in one hand, however on the other hands we have seen that, firstly, bike-taxis are much cheaper than cabs or autos and can easily navigate through narrow gaps on the traffic-laden road.

Secondly, Rapido allowed citizens to take a break from riding their own vehicle through the city’s traffic. Thirdly, they addressed the needs of Citizen who need to rush to a particular place, even students have benefitted from them, Fourthly and most importantly, the present banned have made thousands of youth unemployed.

The Constitution through Article 41 in part IV dealing with the directive principles of state policy prescribes the state to make effective provisions for securing the “right to work” and “right to public assistance in cases of unemployment”.

KHNAM State Youth wing would urged the State Government not only to restrict itself to the MV Act but also take into consideration the Article 41, Part IV and make policy, rules and guidelines for the Rapido bikes so that the youth of the state are provided with some source of self employment.

The Chief Minister of Meghalaya have on many occasion encouraged youth to be self employed, but at times like this if policies are not put in place for the Rapido Bikes then it will seem that the Government is not really interest to uplift our unemployed youth.

It may be mentioned that Many state in the Country have already put in place rule, guidelines and policy for Rapido Bikes then why can’t Meghalaya do the same, said Mr. Thomas Passah President KHNAM Youth Wing.

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