Letter was sent to Union Home Minister on the plight of Khasi Tribes in Banglades by KSUP7T

Shillong, June 4: The organization Ka Sur U Paidbah ka Bri Hynniewtrep today has written to the Union Home Minister Mr. Amit Shah Government of India to apprised and seek for redressal from The serious grievances of Khasi Tribe People in Bangladesh.

In the letter Ka Sur U Paidbah ka Bri Hynniewtrep wish you a good health and wellbeing and with a sincere appreciation to your Ministry and the Government as a whole for tremendous changes have been made in the pace of national development and prosperity by your active and Pivotal role under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji and also for relentlessly delivering good services and protection to the Nation especially in this battle against the pandemic out break in the country.

In the letter KSUP7T, the circumstances compelling us to approach your goodself, are due to serious issue which might hamper to the life, livelihood and wellbeing of Khasi People, a Tribe Community of Indian Origin in various part of Bangladesh.

That Khasi people are the original Schedule Tribe Community of hilly region of Khasi Jiantia Hills of present state Meghalaya in the North Eastern Region of our beloved motherland India.

That since time immemorial though Khasi people were engaged in trading and other business activities with neighbouring native states including Bengali people in the plain belt of southern part, but majority are agrarians, producing agriculture and forest produces, like beetle nut, beetle leaf, pepper, bay leaf and other species for their livelihood and survival.

Most importantly Khasi people were/are living in a well socialized society, strongly believe in harmony, peace and tranquility,hard working, friendly and strictly adhered to the principles and spirit of mutual respect and Social life as human being.as such where ever Khasi people are, it rarely found of their involvement and indulgence in illegal activities like in creating nuisance and disturbance in the society or a threat to national interest or national security.

Furthermore, that prior to Colonial period, Forefather and ancestor of Khasi People had acquired, owned and possessed forest land as well as agricultural land in various part of the plain belt of today Bangladesh upon which they practiced cultivation and farming activities also for producing edible forest produces commonly found and practiced or engaged and continuing till today beetle nut, beetle leaf bay leaf pepper and other species, especially in the present Indo-Bangla border and interior part where khasi people residing and settled in many villages or hamlets of various Districts or States of Bangladesh and they are now becoming Bangladesh Nationals.

That unfortunately, it was reported that various type of ill treatment, threatening and other exploitation and destruction activities to Khasi People and their property especially agricultural land and their produces occurred occasionally.

Recently such tragic incident faced by khasi people of Agar Village of Molvibazar District of Bangladesh whereby a group of Bangladeshi Nationals destroyed and uprooted their beetle nut, beetle leaf and other plants which has caused a great financial losses, injury and damages to them, moreover if this type of attrocities and illegal activities is allowed to be continued it might hamper the life and security of minority Communities including Khasi People in their respective places.

Therefore for their rights, justice, safety, security and protection we urged upon the Government of India through your good office, that your esteemed authority may kindly take into account for necessary and appropriate mechanism as you deem fit and proper for protection,retaining and upholding of their legitimate right and justice as human being. The letter was sign by the chairman Rastingwell Thabah and Secretary Mr Egenstar Kurkalang.

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